First things I do when I wake up in the morning in no particular order are: start my computer, organise my desk, and update my movie/ music lists. After that, I go to the bathroom to shower and brush my teeth. Then comes the breakfast: I always have a cup of tea and 2 sandwiches. While I eat my mom prepares my snack for the day center. She knows what I like. My mother and my twin brother are the two constants in my life. If they are not with me I need to know where they are and how they are doing. Only then I can relax and continue with my daily activities. 

Every morning, I make my bed, organise my room and prepare my backpack for the center. My backpack includes the essentials: my phones + external battery, my folders, lists, etc. When everything is ready I leave with my mom, she drops me off at the Crystal Children Therapy Center on her way to work.  I spend here the whole day. My best friends come here every morning as well. We do some things together and some things separately. Every day is different and everyone has his or her own schedule.

At the center I cannot use my electronic devices, I have to participate in the program.  Even though I cannot use them it gives me comfort to know I have them with me. Two times a week we go to the swimming pool. All the therapists go with us. It is one of my favorite activities ever since I was little. We do aqua aerobic and we play in the water. It helps me move easier.  

In the evening when mom picks me up she asks me how my day was and what I’ve done at the center. When I collaborate with the instructors and work well I get to pick a reward. I usually go for my favorite, a bottle of ice tea. I think of the evenings as my “free time” and the time at the therapy center "work".

At home after dinner I get to do spend the rest of the evening, "my free time" at my computer doing what I love, making playlists, creating logos, classifying my favorite movies,actors, music and artists. I like a lot of different music depending on my mood. I know my mom likes '80s rock music and I created a special playlist for her.

When I get tired I shut down all my devices and go to bed. Tomorrow I'll start all over again.