Therapy for Young People with ASD

Therapy for children and young people with ASD is essential. Learning different behavioural techniques is comparable to learning a foreign language, the language to communicate in an ideal world.

Children and young people with autism have a rich inner life. Having access to therapy enables them to express their needs and wants in the outer world, and to receive an appropriate response in return.

Therapy can dramatically improve both the life of a person with ASD and the lives of everyone around them. We, FOR Children, believe wholeheartedly in the benefits of therapy. We also believe that every child and young person on the spectrum should have access to therapy.

Yearly Therapy Needs


€ 5,000.00 of € 12,000.00

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how we're giving back

Our work with the Copiii de Cristal foundation focusses on providing financial support and intermediating knowledge exchange for the sole purpose of improving the quality of life of children and young people with ASD.

Currently, Copiii de Cristal has 10 young adults (ages ranging from 19-41 years old) with severe ASD in their care. Five of them are diagnosed with autism and mental retardation. All of the 10 young people are dealing with significant impairments that make independent life impossible.

Since they did not have access to therapy at a young age, they are missing a lot of the basics: they cannot express themselves, have bursts of aggression, they isolate themselves.

With patience and care, the primary group therapist works towards bridging the gap and teaching them useful adult behaviours.